Catastrophic Health Insurance in Florida

Everyone understands the need for home insurance and major medical health insurance. It’s a fact of life that both of these are necessities of life in today’s world. Catastrophic Health insurance is most often called major medical insurance. It is essentially designed to provide financial protection for needed surgeries or hospitalization. In most cases it will not cover doctor visits or prescriptions unless perhaps; it is a group policy, provided through a persons employment or individually purchased in conjunction with a more comprehensive plan.

Catastrophic plans have a high deductible

These major medical or Catastrophic plans most always have a high deductible, basically your out of pocket expense, which is what keeps your premium lower. These policies are typically chosen by younger individuals whom are in good health and have limited doctor visits. Yet though they enjoy favorable health there is still that concern for a catastrophic illness they wish to insure adequate coverage for.

Individuals wishing to acquire major medical insurance in their early and late 50′s can purchase coverage to provide protection until they reach retirement. Upon retirement they will have the benefit of medicare to cover catastrophic health insurance.

Catastrophic health insurance in Florida

Some individuals whom do not have Catastrophic health insurance in Florida may find themselves in dire financial straits in the event of a major illness. This can create additional stress at a time when additional stress is most definitely not needed. In the unfortunate event you or a family member is faced with a major illness the assurance that their medical needs are covered can provide a very important sense of relief. Not only financially, but in the knowledge that the major medical will assure quality care for you or your loved one.

Emergency Room Visit in the State of Florida

The average cost of a hospital emergency room visit in the State of Florida for a non critical event can range from a low $ 150.00 to over $ 3,000. The cost will naturally vary based on diagnostic tests required and other factors. In the event of a critical emergency room visit, such as a car accident, major heart attack or other critical care need, the cost rapidly escalates and could easily exceed over $ 25,000.
If the patient is transported by ambulance an additional cost of anywhere from $ 500 to well over $ 1,000 could easily be an additional factor. Not to mention the added cost in the event a life flight ambulance was necessary, which could easily cost an additional $ 18,000 easily. The expenses that could be tallied are mind boggling and frightening.

Cost for Every Florida Resident

It is easy to see why Catastrophic health insurance in Florida becomes a very real and important necessity for every individual. The benefits understandably outweigh the cost for every Florida resident. Additionally, in most cases, at least a percentage of the annual cost of a major medical insurance policy can be deducted on taxes. This certainly helps in no small degree to offset the cost of the Catastrophic health insurance. In most cases the cost of Florida Catastrophic health insurance is affordable and there are many options to each plan. By determining the amount of the deductible you are willing to pay a person can pay a lower monthly premium, in some cases.

The best way to determine you or your family’s Catastrophic health insurance Florida benefits is to contact your nearest health insurance agent. In some cases even a review of current coverage can help to determine if adequate coverage are met, or even possibly reducing monthly premiums. Your Florida Catastrophic health insurance is qualified to assist you in determining the best option for you and your family.

Catastrophic plans most always have a high deductible.