Catastrophic Health Insurance New York – Is It Useful for You?

Catastrophic health insurance in New York – Introduction

A catastrophic health insurance in New York will pay your for major medical expenses, hospital stays, X-rays, intensive care, surgeries, and other hospital fees. This is the same for any other city. It does not pay out for drugs, maternity care or visits to a doctor. Catastrophic health insurance is cheap. In fact, it is the cheapest of all health insurance. Deductibles are the amount customers need to pay before the insurance company will pay out. This amount might range from $500 to $5000 or more. The cap or lifetime maximum benefit might range from $1 to $3 million. The cancellation of a policy occurs when customers reach the cap, and they can no longer receive benefits from their catastrophic health insurance.

Most health insurance firms reject catastrophic health insurance to potential clients with the following pre-existing conditions: diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. People with good health who take few or no prescription drugs should apply for catastrophic health insurance. Retirees who are not yet eligible to receive Medicare benefits should apply for this service too. These are some  things to take into consideration before applying for catastrophic health insurance: cost of the plan, lifetime maximum benefit, what it covers, whether a customer can afford to pay for prescription drugs or not, amount of the deductible, and whether a client can afford it or not.

Catastrophic health insurance – How to get cheap rates

Getting cheap catastrophic health insurance is not hard. Anyone can do it just by shopping around. Anyone can get cheap rates just by comparing rates from different health insurance providers. Comparison shopping websites are useful to get competitive quotes. Visitors just need to fill out a simple form with the health insurance they need and Adult Health History Form (Download pdf here). The catastrophic health insurance website will show many quotes from A-rated health insurance firms. The best catastrophic health insurance websites will have a customer service representative on call to answer all your questions about this service.

Catastrophic health insurance– 4 reasons to use it

  1. Affordable monthly premiums. The premiums of catastrophic health insurance plans are more affordable than the normal health insurance plans. The reason is that they only cover catastrophic expenses rather than regular expenditure.
  2. Quality coverage. Most catastrophic health insurance plans pay out for 90% to 100% of the expenses after a customer meet the deductible. Traditional health insurance plans only cover 70% to 80% of the expenses. Some catastrophic health insurance plans provide high maximum lifetime benefits up to $25,000,000.
  3. Bells and whistles. Many catastrophic health insurance plans provide up-front coverage for minor accidents and preventive care.
  4. Tax benefits and HAS (Health Savings Account). Some catastrophic health insurance plans allow anyone to get tremendous tax benefits. Customers of catastrophic health insurance plans can open Health Savings Account when they meet some requirements.

Catastrophic health insurance– Final words

Catastrophic health insurance is the answer to high health care costs and rising insurance premiums. They may save plenty of worries and money to anyone. Catastrophic health insurance is here to stay and benefit many customers.